How to practice to become a top sexy woman?

        In all fairness, I never thought that one day I would be fascinated by a stripper.

        In my impression, strippers are always in hidden small bars on the street, and the stage full of cigarettes and alcohol, wearing big and vulgar makeup, in front of the men with bright eyes under the stands. Put down your own clothes.

  The performance on stage is not a good-family woman, who is forced to fall here because of life;

   The men who watched the theater are not kind, and they will be questioned by the teacher who enters and exits this kind of occasion.

   But there is a woman who breaks people's inherent prejudice.

        She is Dita Von Teese, a stripper who even women find sexy.

        If you have ever seen her performance, you will be surprised to find that striptease can also dance, so it has nothing to do with pornography, but only shows pure body art.

       Tita's performance is not as simple and crude as the traditional "take off the jacket" style, but full of retro elegance, which may be inappropriate, and has a philosophical beauty.

        Tita's highest level is not full nudity, Tita knows this very well, and she knows how to figure out whether she is naked.

        Every piece of Dita's clothing is carefully made and selected. Snowy skin, bright red lips, and moving dance poses make the whole performance a pleasant experience both physically and mentally.

       Appreciating Dita's striptease can make people immediately give up animality and integrate it into elegant art.

      In the words of a netizen:

  『She let the world know what striptease is, what is kinky nobility and grace. 』

   Can you imagine that 80% of Dita’s huge fan base are women?

   In the eyes of the men under the stage, Tita is a stunner who can be seen from a distance but not to be played with;

   The woman is looking forward to and looking forward to becoming such a noble and charming woman.

   The beauty that can make women praise and sigh is truly beautiful.

As the only long-lasting dancer in "Crazy Horse Nightclub", if you watch the entire performance, you will understand why Dita's fame is the world's best. Becoming a world-famous stripper is not attracted by naked flesh, but Unfinished high-level beauty.

  Tita has been obsessed with the retro beauty of the golden age of Hollywood since she was a child, and she has become a woman with noble temperament and charming charms like Heidi Lamar or Betty Gleber.

   began to learn ballet at the age of 4, which is the historical source of Dita's elegant temperament. She loves to collect classical and gorgeous underwear costumes, which contributed to her first career-underwear salesperson. Of course, she sells best.

   When she was in college, she chose historical costume design and aspires to become a film costume designer, but later found that she could not pay for her hobby of collecting antiques, so she began to work as a mannequin, which also kicked off her final career direction.

  FOX initially paid attention to this woman because of a few pictures.

   In the Dior show, Dita’s umbrella fell off, and two men rushed to help her pick it up. The one who didn’t pick it up left in a bit anguished manner. At that time, FOX sighed that there is still such a retro and elegant woman now!

   In fact, looking closely at Tita, she is not considered a beautiful face, neither an awl face nor a small face and her eyes are not particularly big. The height of 160 is not tall and straight, and the figure is not thin to lightning, but FOX prefers the bumpy shape.

   In the eyes of some people, Tita may not be regarded as a top-level beauty, but no one can deny the nobility and elegance that she naturally reveals. She seems petite, but she can see it at a glance in the crowd.

  Tita is low-key in life, always dresses decently, always smiles politely when appearing, she says that she is not a typical beauty, but she just found a style that suits her.

   She will not be exposed as frequently as the Kardashian sisters, and will never miss the opportunity to promote herself, recommending the so-called belt for fans...

  Tita said: If you want a thin waist, you need a professional belt. And she herself, to maintain this beauty, has been wearing a belt since she was only 16 years old.

   I think Tita’s influence on people will always be positive.

   She can let you see the potential of a stripper:

   She owns her own brand of underwear, sunglasses, perfume, and cosmetics. The big luxury designer regards her as a muse, and all major fashion shows invite her to sit in the front row. She has become a fashion logo.

   If you want to do what you want and put in 100% effort, there will be unexpected rewards, and you will gain more without fear of the world’s eyes.

   She has conquered the rock singer Marilyn Manson who everyone thinks is impossible to get married to, and when the relationship is over, she can break up happily and move on to a new wonderful life.

   Love is the nourishment that nourishes a woman, but a woman is definitely not without love, nor is she the only person in this life, love each other vigorously, and leave unrestrainedly, which is the freest and easy gesture of a woman.

   She taught all women what sexiness is and how to make it sexy.

   Sexy is not vulgar and cheap. It is not only physical temptation to attract men, but also the temperament and charm that radiate from the inside out. To reach this level, it is inseparable from inner cultivation.

  You may never be Dita, but you can always learn something from Dita.

   That is the secret of a sexy stunner.

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